National Swimming and Water Safety Framework


The Application Stage focuses on extending
swimming and water safety skills and knowledge for safe aquatic recreation, survival in open water environments and the ability to perform swimming rescues and emergency care.

The Application Stage enables students to
improve stroke technique whilst building fitness and endurance to aid personal survival and rescue.

The content provides a greater emphasis on analysing the environment, external influences (e.g. peer pressure, alcohol and drugs) and options for managing situations where their own
or others’ safety and wellbeing may be at risk around water. Students learn to apply knowledge and understanding of water safety, personal survival, lifesaving and rescue principles in more complex rescue and survival scenarios.

Students are provided with opportunities to demonstrate leadership and teamwork in effecting rescues, resuscitation and first aid.


This stage supports students to acknowledge their personal aquatic strengths and limitations to safely enjoy a range of aquatic activities.


By the end of the Application Stage a student should have the ability to understand behavioural and physical risks in a range of aquatic environments, apply
survival skills and safely rescue and respond to a drowning victim, and if required perform CPR or first aid.

Specifically this includes:

  • Understanding the behaviours that affect personal safety in aquatic environments and activities 

  • Assisting others to exit deep water using bystanders 

  • Floating, sculling or treading water for 5 minutes and signalling for help 

  • Searching in a deep water environment and recovering a person

  • Swimming continuously for 400 metres 

  • Responding to an emergency and performing first aid 

  • Rescuing an unconscious person in deep water 

  • Performing a survival sequence wearing heavy clothing

Development Milestones and Explanations

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