National Swimming and Water Safety Framework


The Acquisition Stage focuses on the swimming and water safety skills that help a student to survive in the water. Students will become comfortable in the water and by the end of the stage have the ability to perform personal survival and rescue skills.

The Acquisition Stage provides opportunities
to develop greater proficiency across the
learning areas and to increase endurance
levels. Students learn the different
swimming and survival strokes and when
and how they can be modified for different

Students will expand their survival skills through combining floating, sculling and treading water, using lifejackets and learning strategies they can use when they or others experience difficulty
in the water. Students develop greater
awareness of dangers and the ability to identify hazards inherent in a range of aquatic environments. Students will explore the principles of rescue including self-preservation and are introduced to non-swimming rescues and how to respond to an aquatic emergency in any environment.

This stage enables students to develop
knowledge and skills to safely enjoy the water.
They will start to develop an understanding
of their personal strengths and limitations in
aquatic survival and lifesaving skills.


By the end of the Acquisition Stage a student should have developed a positive attitude toward learning swimming and water safety. They should be able to
identify safety rules in a range of aquatic environments, perform a range of personal survival skills including a survival sequence simulating an accidental entry in an open water environment.

Specifically this includes:

  • Understanding and respecting rules for a range of aquatic environments

  • Demonstrating entries and exits for a range of environments

  • Floating, sculling or treading water for 2 minutes and signalling for help

  • Performing a surface dive swimming underwater, searching to recover an object from deep water

  • Swimming continuously for a distance of
    50 metres

  • Responding to an emergency and rescuing a person using a non-swimming rescue technique

  • Performing a survival sequence

Development Milestones and Explanations

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