No-one should miss out on learning to swim

Program Overview

Swimming and aquatic activities are very much a part of the Aussie culture. However, many children across Australia don’t get the opportunity to learn how to swim.

In many communities, swimming and water safety education is simply not accessible. Children and adults from lower social or economic families, Indigenous or culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, or from regional and remote communities, are more likely to miss out.

The Swim and Survive Fund provides swimming and water safety lessons for children who have had limited or no exposure to water safety education.

Royal Life Saving utilises donations from individuals, community organisations, corporate supporters and Partner facilities to increases access to safe aquatic facilities, qualified instructors and to provide structured swimming and water safety education programs.

No one should miss out on learning how to swim.

Set up a Donation Link

With Parents and Grandparents visiting your website everyday one of the easiest ways you can help is to provide some information on your website with a link to the Donation Page

Engage your community

One of the first steps is to know who is in your local community and to establish relationships with those representative of groups who are not attending lesson at the moment

Fundraise to help kids

Every year our supporters take part in charity fundraising events to help the Swim and Survive Fund

For example, Swim Schools and aquatic facilities often run fairs and sausage sizzles to raise money 

The easiest way to register your event and start getting sponsored is to visit the fundraising page

Recent Case Studies

How can swim schools get involved?

The Swim and Survive Fund can help you and your local community to make a difference. Swim Schools that raise over $3000 in a single year will be eligible to receive a priority application for Swim and Survive Programs and resources.

How charity fundraising makes you feel

Charity fundraising is not for everyone, but if you choose to get involved, you’ll find it’s an incredibly rewarding experience. Also it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made because of the community of like-minded friends you are likely to meet.

Apply for a Swim and Survive Grant


The Swim and Survive Fund Grants are available to Royal Life Saving State and Territory Member Organisations (STMOs) and Swim and Survive Partners for the purpose of reaching populations who are known to miss out on swimming and water safety education.

Swim and Survive Fund Grant projects are for people in at-risk groups, of all ages.

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According to Royal Life Saving research, those most likely to miss out on a swimming and water safety education are:

  • Indigenous

  • from a multi-cultural background

  • living in a rural or remote area

  • living in an area with low-socio economic advantage

  • living with a disability

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