National Swimming and Water Safety Framework


The Fundamental Stage focuses on the development confidence and competence in a range of foundation swimming and water safety skills that will be built upon in the later stages. Students will become familiar with the water and by the end of this stage have the ability to perform basic skills independently.

The Fundamental Stage provides opportunities for students to explore and learn about moving in and under the water. The content provides a basis to
develop knowledge and skills for students
to safely enjoy the water in a supervised
environment. It provides opportunities to
identify dangers inherent in a range of aquatic environments but specifically the home.

In addition, the content enables students to explore the people who are important to their safety and to develop a basic understanding of the importance of calling for help and self-preservation in an aquatic emergency.
It enables students to develop and practise
swimming and water safety skills through
structured activities.


By the end of the Fundamental Stage a student should be able to recognise and follow basic safety rules in an aquatic environment, perform a range of fundamental skills and recover to safety from a simulated accidental entry.

Specifically this includes:

  • Identifying and describing where water can be found in locations at or near the home

  • Identifying an emergency and actions to help

  • Describing and following rules for safe behaviour in aquatic environments at or near the home

  • Entering and exiting shallow water unassisted

  • Floating and recovering to a standing or secure position

  • Submerging the body and moving through an obstacle

  • Moving continuously for a distance of 5 metres

  • Performing a survival sequence

Development Milestones and Explanations

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