The Royal Life Saving Society – Website is operated in compliance with the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Commonwealth). Any information you submit through the Website will be dealt with in accordance with the 13 National Privacy Principles:

  1. Open and transparent management of personal information

  2. Anonymity and pseudonymity

  3. Collection of solicited personal information

  4. Dealing with unsolicited personal information

  5. Notification of the collection of personal information

  6. Use or disclosure of personal information

  7. Direct marketing

  8. Cross-border disclosure of personal information

  9. Adoption, use or disclosure of government related identifiers

  10. Quality of personal information

  11. Security of personal information

  12. Access to personal information

  13. Correction of personal information

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If you visit the Site and register, enter competitions or ask for further information, our system will record the details you submit and will only use the information you have provided for the purposes for which the information was provided to us. We will take steps to safeguard our systems to protect your information from misuse and loss. If at any stage you cancel your registration, or your application for any further information, or log out prior to submitting your entry or application, the information you have entered up to that point will be automatically deleted. If you have any complaints about the way in which we have dealt with your personal information please contact us.

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