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About Swim and Survive Wonder

Wonder is the water familiarisation component of the Swim and Survive program, designed specifically for children aged 6 to 36 months. 

Wonder is a child-centred program which is taught with parent or carer and child together in the water. Parents are an integral part of their child's aquatic education by providing guidance and support through activities that provide for the development of water familiarisation, exploration and water safety skills. 

Wonder uses songs, games and activities to teach children a variety of skills including entries, floating, breathing and movement. 

Wonder has 3 awards that are arranged by age groups. Within each age group are two stages which allow for a stepping stone of progression, keeping the program challenging and rewarding.

S&S Wonder Instructors

All Swim and Survive Instructors are Nationally recognised swimming and water safety instructors who have also undergone specificalist training in delivering swimming and water safety to infant and preschool students and their parents

1.  Philosophy of infant and preschool aquatics

2.  Early childhood development

3.  Teacher, parent and child relationships

4.  Health, hygiene and water safety

5.  Water familiarisation

6.  Aquatic skill development

7.  Plan, deliver and review a lesson

Your role in your childs water safety

Royal Life Saving Society – Australia has a range of water safety initiatives to help keep your family safe around water

Keep Watch

Keep Watch is a public education program of Royal Life Saving Society - Australia, aimed at preventing drowning deaths of children under five in all aquatic locations.


The four principle strategies of the Keep Watch program are:

  • Supervise your Child
    Always be within arms’ reach. Give your child all of your attention, all of the time.

  • Restrict Access to Water
    Provide barriers to water locations.

  • Be Water Aware
    Introduce your child to water through water awareness classes; discuss hazards and put rules in place at aquatic locations.

  • Learn Resuscitation
    Resuscitation is a skill for life. A rapid response is the best response in an emergency.

Find out more about the Keep Watch program and how you can help prevent your child from drowning, 

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